If someone would have told me even ten years ago that I would be living in Canada and studying to become a medical doctor I probably would have called them crazy!
I was born in a town in Ukraine called Nezhin where I lived for the first seven years of my life—after which time I moved to Israel (with a short stint in Russia) where I stayed until my eventual move to Canada in 2005.

I proceeded to receive my Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Toronto in 2013 which provided me with exceptional analytic and problem-solving skills. I then went on to put these skills to good use during my tenure as a teaching assistant in the Human Biology department at the University of Toronto as well as my time spent working in the neuroscience research lab at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto where I was a part of a number of research projects in addition to conducting cognitive testing on patients at the memory clinic. During that time I have worked on a number of research papers related to multiple sclerosis, including my own paper on improving quality of life in multiple sclerosis patients through psychotherapy, which dealt with a range of topics including psychopathology, prefrontal cortex, fMRI, and driving.

These pursuits did not preclude me however from exploring my passion for helping people manifesting through my work for the Society for Manitoban’s with disabilities during my breaks as an access worker specializing in caring for children with a wide range of both mental and physical disabilities (e.g. autism, FASD, ADHD). In addition to continuously re-invigorating my drive towards gaining admission to the University of Manitoba medical school, this position also required constant on the fly thinking which has instilled a high degree of dependability in me that I now strive to apply to anything I set my mind to.

Finally, one of my biggest passions outside of medicine has without a doubt been computer programming. I have developed and administrated some high profile websites for both the University of Toronto Human Biology department as well as an entire portal for the Neuroscience Research Program at St. Michael’s Hospital. These projects had strict deadlines and expectations which I had to meet which allowed me to develop an exceptional work ethic as well as time management skills. In addition to these, I have also worked on a number of personal projects. Most recently, after becoming fast frustrated with the Online Portal for Advanced Learning (OPAL) which my medical school uses for their curriculum, I decided to improve upon it and so I wrote a Chrome extension with an accompanying installed host application which dramatically improved user interaction with OPAL (OPAL Helper Chrome webstore link). Currently, I am working on a desktop version of my application using electron which allows me to create a robust desktop application using the web technologies I know and love including javascript, node, and react.
This passion for technology is definitely something I hope to integrate into my medical practice down the road. In fact, I have started doing so already. Currently I am the vice president of information technology at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) as well as creating the website for the Creating Space VII (a part of CCME).
You may follow (most of) my coding adventures over on my GitHub profile.


Email: pavel@yarmak.me
Phone: (204) 698-1526